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Opening hours
We are open every day, year around. Depending on the season hours may differ. During the winter 2014–2015 we are open Monday to Tuesday 11 am to 5 pm, Thursday to Sunday 7.30 am to 6 pm.

Finding us
It's easy to get to Bahnhof Café. From the town square, looking towards the lake, you will spot the yellow building from early 20th century, at the right from the new train station. For further description, click here >>.

For contact dial +46 (0)647-528 83.

Little bit of history
Before the railway was drawn through the mountains of Jämtland there was no community named Åre. In fact there were two villages named Totten and Mörviken. The station building was built in 1880 after blueprints of the architect  A.W. Edelsvärd, in accordance with what is called the Hällnäs model. It was the birth of the Åre railway community.

After the inauguration of the railway of Jämtland in 1882 it was possible to go by train all the way from Stockholm to Trondheim/Norway.
This was of great importance for the rising tourism, which in those days was all about summer tourists coming for the fresh and healthy mountain air.

During the last century Åre evolved tremendesly as a tourist attraction. In connection with the preparations of the Alpine Skiing World Championship in 2007 a new station building was constructed just next to the old one. In 2006 the owners of the restaurant Villa Tottebo moved in and opened up a café. Today the old station building is as crowded as in ancient days. The only difference is that except travelers you also find locals, season workers and, simply – all coffee lovers!

Bahnhof Cafe